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With the release of ARIS 9.8 SR 2 some new features are available for ARIS GRC. I want to describe the most important ones for you.

The new release allows an easier navigation between ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager and ARIS Connect. You can now easily jump between the applications, which helps you to find related information much better and faster. For example, if you want to find business-related information about a certain risk, you can jump from this risk in ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager to the related information in ARIS Connect or vice versa. So, a better collaboration between the business department and the risk or compliance department is enabled.

Further more, MashZone dashboards are now fully integrated into ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager. You can now simply open your GRC dashboard over a tab in the ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager Home area. So, managers can check the current status even without changing the application.

The internal control management functionality has been enhanced by the new control execution documentation. Modeling of compliance-related data has been enhanced with regards to control execution and a new workflow has been added to ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager. The new control execution workflow combined with the control testing workflow make the internal control system support even more efficient than before.

Finally, audit management has also been improved. You can now differentiate between two types of audit steps: logistic tasks and point of audit tasks. Also, reporting has been improved. It is now possible to generate an extended report that outputs the information about the audit and all depending audit step forms of that audit in one single document.

Learn more about the new features of ARIS 9.8 SR2 here.

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