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The use of the steps view is to reduce the complexity of the business processes and make them easy to understand for non-expert users.

The new version provides two main improvements. It is now easier to navigate between the steps view and the diagram view. There has been added a small icon to the current step, which helps you to jump directly to this process step in the diagram view. And if you navigate back from the diagram view to the steps view, you also come to the same step that you just left in the diagram view.

The second improvement is the integration of operator-related information into the steps view. Operators like AND, OR and XOR that are used in modeling notations have been translated to easy information like “exactly one path is relevant” and have been embedded between the steps. This additional information helps end-users to better understand the process sequence.

The steps view enhancements are also available in ARIS Cloud Enterprise 10 and ARIS Connect 10.

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