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ARIS Cloud Advanced users might have noticed that the new ARIS 10 SR8 release is also live in the public cloud since several days. To make yourself familiar with the new features there’s nothing else to do than just log in and get started.

ARIS 10 SR8 provides the following new features to the Advanced edition:

  • Full keyboard navigation to support the WCAG 2.1 requirement “keyboard accessible”
  • Mini fact sheets in diagrams (to be configured via self-service configuration UI and XML in Enterprise edition only), see video
  • Intelligent auto-scrolling in diagrams, see video
  • UI & UX enhancements:
    • The search has been enhanced to offer a single-entry search
    • The button to flip in/out the navigation bar is easier to find
    • Full screen view is kept active when navigating through models
  • Navigate via link events in the steps view
  • Date picker in report dialogs to make it easier to choose a date
  • Spreadsheet viewing in the portal
  • Viewing DMN decision table in the portal
  • Smart modeling, see video for BPMN, see video for EPC, see video for table-based modeling
  • Move folders in ARIS Document Storage (ADS) as a Designer

You find more information about the new features in the ARIS 10 SR8 features overview

Now it’s your turn! Log in to the cloud and try it!

If you are new to the cloud, go to ariscloud.com and start with your free trial immediately.


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