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It's a pleasure to announce that the new ARIS 10 SR10 release is live in the public cloud with a new look & feel.

Let me give you some hints to make yourself familiar with it.

After logging in to the new "My ARIS Cloud" area you see the name of your project room or rooms.

If you have only one project room, it will launch automatically. If you have more than one project room, it will open afte r you just clicked on the name.

To start the download client, please click the small download icon on the right side of the project room.

The administration features have moved into the ARIS Cloud project room itself so you can find them when you navigate to the settings on top in the blue bar.

You find the user management there.

And the group management.

And the database management.

ARIS 10 SR10 also provides many new features for the Advanced edition:

- ARIS Connect Viewer has been optimized to support WCAG 2.0, especially requirement 2.4 "operate through navigate"

- ARIS Cloud is available on the AWS marketplace

- Smart modeling now includes an intelligent segmentation approach

- Improved search

- View on recently used models

- Preview of the selected model

- Variant management

- The properties panel and its repository view were redesigned

- The repository view now shows models and groups only

- ARIS for SAP(R) solutions is now available in ARIS Cloud Advanced

- New databases with predefined content for finance/controlling, human resources and facility management

To make yourself familiar with the new features there's nothing else to do than just log in and get started.

You find more information about the new features in the ARIS 10 SR10 features overview.

Now it's your turn! Log in to the cloud and try it!

If you are new to the cloud, go to www.ariscloud.com and start with your free trial today!

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