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Wow! How fast was this? Already Wednesday and the third day of IUG 2020 is already over!

As usual, it kicked off with a funny warm-up by Pep Rosenfeld and was followed by a short welcome session by the presidents Pieter Walraven and Stuart Trott.

After the presentation by ARIS partner Ferrologic, Caspar Jans, Regional Presales BITT, Dr. Dominik Vanderhaeghen, Senior Director Product Management ARIS, and Josèphe Blondaut, Director Product Marketing ARIS, all Software AG presented “Enterprise Management System in practice”.

So today there was all about Enterprise Management Systems. First you could get the basics and then also see some real life examples from customer projects.

Then Marko Honkanen, Head of Global Process Management and Enterprise Architecture, Outokumpu, presented “tangible understanding brings tangible benefits”. Outukumpu is the global leader in stainless steel and I learned they are very strong in recycling. Sounds great!

Some take-aways: “Managing a successful transformation is … EASY :-)” and “Be able to make a quote while on the phone with the customer.” To learn what exactly this means, watch the presentation on demand.

Finally, participants could meet the interactive session and discuss with ARIS R & D how to build a robust and resource friendly ARIS based solution. The day was finally closed by meeting experts and partners in the virtual meetup area.

If you missed the sessions today, no worries, you can still watch them on demand.

So, what happens on day 4?

You can learn how to do business as unusual with ARIS and see customer presentations by AGC Europe and Achmea. Of course, there are also interactive sessions with the ARIS experts and partners again.

Tomorrow’s sessions start at 2.30 PM CET.

Before I forget it, don’t miss the SAG Fun Drive game. But, be cautious. It’s addictive ;-)

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