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From the release of ARIS 10.0 SR16 in April 2021, the Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Web browser will no longer be supported.

This applies to all products that are currently released and supported as marked in the document ARIS System Requirements (ARIS Designer – YAD, ARIS Architect – YAA, UML Designer – YUD, ARIS Connect Viewer – YCSCC, ARIS Connect Designer – YCSDC, ARIS Process Performance Manager – YPI, ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager – YRC).

Rationale: Internet Explorer 11 represents outdated technology. We support modern browsers like Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as your default browser, featured in Windows 10.

From the release of ARIS 10.0 SR16 in April 2021 also the following functionalities will no longer be supported:

Embedding of OLE objects
   This affects ARIS Designer – YAD, ARIS Architect – YAA and UML Designer – YUD.

ARIS Simulation export to MiniTab
   This affects ARIS Architect – YAA with extension pack: Simulation – YAASI.

Local Server
   This affects ARIS Architect - YAA and UML Designer – YUD.

Rationale: The functionalities listed above are based on outdated technology.

OLE objects, simulation export to MiniTab, and LOCAL Server require a 32-bit JRE to interact with Windows. 32-bit JREs are no longer provided with Java 9 or higher.

The last release including the functionalities mentioned above is the Nov 2020 release, ARIS 10.0 SR14.

According to our standard maintenance guidelines (see https://empower.softwareag.com/), maintenance will end 3 years after ARIS 10.0 SR14 is available in Nov 2020. No further releases will contain these functionalities. In case of questions, please contact your Software AG sales representative. In case of issues please contact the ARIS product management team by email (in English or German): ARIS-ProdMgt@softwareag.com.

Your Software AG sales representative or one of our partner organizations will be happy to discuss possible transition scenarios to ARIS Cloud (www.ariscloud.com) or to on-premises ARIS.

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