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Companies that offer different products and have several locations do probably also have different process variants. They surely have standard processes that they roll out to the different entities, but different circumstances and requirements often lead to adaptions resulting in process variants. And of course, standard as well as variants are evolving over time. This makes it difficult to keep the models in sync.

Adapting changes in your master model and rolling them out to different process variants can be a daunting task. The new variant management makes this process now much easier using a certain variant relationship approach.

Single database approach using variant relationship

When changes happen, they are usually first implemented in the master model. The owner can then roll them out to variant owners as a new version. They get notified by the system and can then review the changes, compare their model with the master and then easily accept or reject the changes.

Adapt changes in a master model and roll them out easily to different process variants

Thanks to this new approach changes in processes can be rolled out faster and easier, saving time and money. Variant management is available for Designers in ARIS Enterprise.

To learn more, watch the short video.

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