I'm trying to install an ARIS server on a Linux suse 13, but when I go to the setup and try to install get the message of the photo, I go to the logs files and can't find anything.

if someone happened something like this tell me what I can try.



|ERROR|Thread-31| com.softwareag.aris.setup.xlayer.sl.Error - Code: 600 Message: Installing Service Registry. FAILED: CommandResult{result=[31mUnable to configure runnable zoo_m on node node.[0m

Unable to access remote repository at http://WIN-H37G3G:13131: WIN-H37G3G: Name or service not known. Make sure that the repository location is correct and that your repository is up and running. Also check if the repository requires authentication. If authentication is required, you can provide authentication info using the remote.repository.username and remote.repository.password configuration parameters.

, error=null, errors=[], warnings=[]}

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