We have all seen a dramatic adoption in BPM tools in the last year or two. The BPM have become for some organization a major diferentiator in succes.

Altough we have processes embeded in every part of our business we still lack the functinality of managing them in our every day aplications (from HR, ERP, custome based etc). Nevertheles we still se the BPMS as a separate tool, not fused with our everyday business activities.

The general idea is, would it be possible to embed Aris in other aplications to provide a simple way for other aplications to use proceses defined in a strucutured way, exchange them with other aplications and make it intuitive and natural for end users.

This maybe bringa another topic, is BPM mature enough, there where similar problems with BPR with end user adoption.

Hope to encourage helpful discusion.