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Hello, I'm working to write a wrapper script to bridge the gap between our server monitoring software and ARIS Cloud Controller. The attached script is able to STDIN pipe in commands (ie exit, stopall, startall). However, the only STDOUT output the script reads is the initial "ACC+ localhost>" prompt and nothing more. I'm not sure if something is blocking the STDOUT pipe or what. In my research I've found that redirecting a STD pipe without actually interacting with it can lead to blocking when the buffer gets full on that pipe, such is why I'm not redirecting STDERR. If I attempt to read from both STDOUT AND STDERR both it freezes on the first $stream.Peek() for the STDERR pipe. The script being able to probe the status of all the components within ARIS would at least allow it to provide a better preliminary report when the automation creates a support ticket/notification because the overall system went offline for whatever reason. Thank you in advance, Paul
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