Hello dear forum, 

I am looking into changing the symbol palette for our main dB. We are considering an incremental approach rather than a big bang as different EA dimensions have different stakeholders and different volumes of existing models.

However, We have a quite a few customizations in terms of derived symbols with custom graphics which seems to cause problems as they appear to exist outside the two symbol palettes. I also dont want to migrate archived material on a separate dB.

- Is there a way to adress custom symbols to the different palettes?
- Is there a way to disregard the custom graphics when selecting the new palette?

I would like to design new graphics without replacing the old and instead use the palettes to control the appearance of custom graphics. 

An example: 
From "Capability Configuration", three different symbols have been derived. Each new symbol has been given custom graphics in the same style as the classic palette.

During a transition phase some users will start using new palette. However, custom symbols will still have the classic style. If I replace the custom graphics with the newer style, the users still using the classic symbols will have a mix. This is also true for archived content. 

I appreciate any advice or discussion on this topic.