Dear ARIS friends, 

I have been working on a new filter and template for our organization and using the new symbol style is the main change. We have a lot of legacy material that I dont want to change or migrate so I created new symbols for each object in our framework. This approach allows modellers to choose old or new style filter when logging in depending on thieir task. It also supports migrating only requested models over time rather than a big bang migration of everything.

Anyway, I created the new filter by setting up a new database that i populated with my updated models and symbols and the relevant relations. When creating this database I was given a choice wether to use "ARIS default palette" or the old "ARIS default palette (classic)". I selected the first alternative. A later found that our 10+ year old production database has the classic option. (of course, nothing else was available when it was created).

I tested the new filter and template on a test-database (ARIS default palette was used when creating that database too) and everything seemed fine.  Decided to test it on our production database with a few key users. They noticed that the new symbols where a bit small and should have a larger default size. Their suggestion was 300% which is huge and I realized that there must be some other parameter involved that controls the symbol sizes. The only difference in settings that I have found so far is the Palette and method filter setting described above. I can change it of course but then I have to migrate all the content on the database as it replaces all classic symbols.

I realize I may have to setup a new database for use of the new palette, filter and template and use a more batch-oriented approach to migration. But first I want to understand how the difference in symbol size can occur with the same template.

Are there any know parameters controling symbol size that I have missed?
What is the best-practice approach to migrate to the new symbol palette on a server with many custom symbols?

I am thankful for any thoughts. 

Kind Regards and Happy Holidays!