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We are happy to welcome ARIS User Group Germany in our office in Saarbrücken. Before the official part has started we use the chance let them try out new features in ARIS 9.8 SR2.

“Have you ever bought flowers in an online shop?”

Cecilia Karle has started her session with this question, thus drawing the attention to the new subject of "Customer Experience Management". In this context she explained how important it is to avoid that major points of interaction in the customer journey lead to problems, the so called pain points, because these may interfere with a customer's commitment to purchase a product or service.

After a short introduction of how the new Customer Experience Management method is implemented in ARIS, the participants were offered the possibility to try it out by modeling their own customer journey map. They also learned how to analyze such customer journeys.

To obtain more information about Customer Experience management, please read the post written by my colleague Nicolas Pillong.   

“Not everybody in the company is a trained process modeler, but everybody has knowledge on processes.”

The next hands-on session was presented by Dominik Vanderhaeghen. In his presentation he showed the new contribution functionality which supports non-experts in contributing their process knowledge into the ARIS database.

To demonstrate the power of this feature he uses a simple example. In this example, the ARIS expert describes the skeleton of the room booking process and aks the business experts in ARIS Connect to add some process details like process description and process responsible. In a further step the specialists can add details directly in the factsheet in their contributor role without any modeling knowledge. Behind the scene the model is created.


"Bring new dimensions to your processes with ARIS Mobile"

In the last hands-on session Katrina Simon presented ARIS Mobile Access with the demo app “Idea manager”.

The idea manager enables the recording and submission of ideas and requirements at any time. In the demo the participants had the possibility to try the app and created new ideas with text, description and pictures. After the submission of the idea, an object is created in the ARIS database and triggers an ARIS Process Governance workflow informing the process owner. He can then decide on how to deal with the idea and reject or approve it.

The "idea manager" is just an example of how ARIS can be used for mobile purposes using the ARIS API (newly released with ARIS 9.8 SR2).

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