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Yesterday, we launched ARIS Basic, a new member of our product family. Check out our new starter edition for professional business process management and start your free trial now. Along with the new edition comes the official ARIS Basic cheat sheet.

The cheat sheet shows the most important modeling constructs supported by ARIS Basic. It is a quick reference you can use while modeling.

The cheat sheet might come in handy if you need to convince your colleagues and fellows that it is a good thing to start modeling their business processes. You can show them just how easy modeling is and that only a few elements are needed to create powerful diagrams.

ARIS Basic cheat sheet

You think the cheat sheet is good? If you do, please go ahead and share it with your colleagues. I’m sure they will appreciate it. ;)

And if you have got any feedback, please feel free to share it with us anytime. :-)

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