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What you don't know about corporate "Enterprise Risk Management" (ERM) may hurt you - and probably already is.

Organizations today face an increasingly complex set of risks. Creating value or doing business is impossible without taking risks. But how much risk and uncertainty can a business take? Key internal and external stakeholders have increased their scrutiny of and expectations for risk management, raising significant questions around risk and how it can be addressed.

ERM  provides a framework to understand and respond to business uncertainties and opportunities with relevant risk insights to help management  to achieve its business objectives and keep out of trouble.

The efforts needed for a company of being in“control” combined with the benefits for new opportunities is part of the risk management process. The challenge is to balance seemingly competing goals like commerce and control.

Our GRC champions Sven Roeleven (Vice President Business Process Excellence Consulting) and Michiel Jorna (GRC Consulting Manager) published a comprehensive and easy to understand Expert Paper about Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) which is a must-read for every Risk & Compliance Manager. This top-notch paper describes how companies can create balance between in being in business and being in control including leading edge GRC Best Practices.

Learn how to implement an effective ERM by building a sustainable Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution (GRC) and download the Expert Paper here.

Smarter information about GRC can be found at: www.grc-lounge.com

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