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The first day of ARIS UserDay 09 draws to a close and before attending the evening event themed “Firework of Innovations” I want to give you a short overview of some SAP-related issues, that I saw today. “Experience ARIS as the c“Experience ARIS as the central pillar of your Process-Driven SAP projects”entral pillar of your Process-Driven SAP projects” was the title of an interesting session presented only by Juergen Kempe (Solution Manager Process Driven SAP) here at IDS Scheer headquarters in Saarbruecken. Unfortunately Josèphe Blondaut (Product Manager Process-Driven SAP) wasn’t available – she is ill. Get well soon …

“Why do we need process-oriented SAP implementations?” was the opening question which was directly answered with some major benefits and customer examples. An outlook on Process-Driven SAP including Auto Synch with ARIS Process Governance, ARIS Test Center and BPMN 2.0 completed the session and gave me a very good understanding how ARIS and SAP will work together in the future. And I am sure that the long time partnership between IDS Scheer and SAP will again support the SAP customers to bridge the gap between business and IT.

The following hands-on part of the session perfectly showed why ARIS is the central pillar of your Process-Driven SAP projects, like the title of the presentation promised. After hearing about the functionalities and deployment scenarios in ARIS, attendees could check them out on the provided computers. In several use cases of the United Motors Group (UMG), a virtual demo company of IDS Scheer, the attendees slipped into the Role of an ERP-project leader of the UMG and discovered step-by-step how to use ARIS for Process-Driven SAP. By the way, as this was my first hands-on session, I really liked the idea of not only hearing from different functionalities in ARIS but having the chance to test them on my own.

But enough talking business, I’ve got to speed up to get ready for the evening event in time.

Also check www.ids-scheer.com/sap or the “ARIS + SAP = Love”-Group here at ARIS Community for more information…

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