Hi everybody,

I have been working on a script based report that selects a specific type of models within a group and then generates a pdf report for each model using the model name as file name. It works like a charm.

My problem is this: I want to replicate the group structure in my output, creating a folder with the group containing the reports and put the outputs inside that. Right now I get a list of pdf reports inside the selected report output folder, like this:

Subprocess 1 report.pdf

Subprocess 2 report.pdf

Subprocess 3 report.pdf



I want this:

process 1 (folder)

  -subprocess 1 report.pdf

  -subprocess 2 report.pdf

process 2 (folder)

  -subprocess 3 report.pdf

  -subprocess 4 report.pdf


Any suggestions? I feel that all I need is a line that creates a folder. It's a report by the way, not a macro.


Thanks in advance. 


Tags: ARIS script javascript