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Some minutes ago, we uploaded a new ARIS Express release – version 2.0. Here are the upgrade instructions.

ARIS Express contains an integrated update mechanism. Unfortunately, we discovered a bug in the programming framework we use (Java), which prevents this update mechanism from working properly. We already communicated this bug to SUN/Oracle, but at the moment we have to live with it. If you run into this bug, it may happen that your personal settings of ARIS Express are lost. For example, the list of recent models may be empty after upgrade.

To work around this bug, we recommend the following upgrade instructions:

  • Uninstall ARIS Express 1.0.
  • Install ARIS Express 2.0.

Here are the detailed steps:

  • Open the system control panel.
  • Open the Java control panel. The belonging icon looks as follows:
    Java system control panel icon
  • Click the “View...” button.
    Java control panel
  • A list with all Java applications installed on your system is shown. Select “ARIS Express 1.0” and press the delete button (red cross).
    Java cache viewer
  • ARIS Express 1.0 is now uninstalled.
  • Start installing ARIS Express 2.0 by following this link: Read the installation instructions in case you are unsure how to proceed.
  • ARIS Express 2.0 is now downloaded and installed. During first start-up, you will need to register ARIS Express again. Enter your ARIS Community login and password.

If you don’t remember your ARIS Community login or password, request a new password on this page by entering your email address. A new password is emailed to you within seconds. If you don’t receive this email, check your SPAM folder and also that you didn’t mistyped your email address.

If you didn’t follow those upgrade instructions, ARIS Express 1.0 will try to automatically upgrade the next time you start it. After upgrade, you might need to register the tool again and you might have lost personal settings such as grid size.

If you are running into problems, please post your questions in ARIS Express Support group.