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This is to inform you that we just uploaded ARIS Express 2.1 to our servers. Most of the new or improved features were already announced some weeks ago, but here a short recap:

  • improved link handling
  • improved BPMN 2 support
  • real time online support
  • new objects "process interface" and "location"
  • ordinary setup as default installation method for Windows users

If you already installed ARIS Express and are connect to the Internet, you only need to start the tool and it will update itself while you are working with it. For new users or people without an Internet connection, we now provide a download package of ARIS Express, which installs ARIS Express automatically on Microsoft Windows based systems.

We also now got a nice poster showing you the most important modeling constructs available in ARIS Express.

Make sure to spread the word about this new ARIS Express release to all your colleagues, fellows and friends!

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