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Recently, I announced that we’d like to release a new version of ARIS Express.

Main point was just to increase the stability and the starting procedure, which has caused some trouble recently.

So, what’s new?

For systems running under Microsoft Windows, ARIS Express is available as an installable desktop application which does not automatically download from the Internet.
When starting the application, a version check may inform the user about a new version. This allows you to have a better control over the installed version, ensures the ARIS Express stability and optimizes the use of ARIS Express in companies.
For systems using Java WebStart (Unix/Linux or Mac), a new security certificate was used and the application startup was accelerated.

So, from now on, there are two modes in which ARIS Express can run:

Windows: use the new setup to install ARIS Express as a standard desktop application. If there is a new version of ARIS Express, the application will inform you. You can switch off this check, and do the check manually via the main menu entry.
Thus, you’ll get rid of any problems regarding JRE updates. In addition, ARIS Express starts faster and does not try to download anything.

“Non-windows” systems: for those systems, we still use Java WebStart. But also here, we did something to increase the performance: the runtime environment will still try to go online to start the application, but it will only download something, if there is any change.

What do you have to do?

Depends. If you do not have a windows system, there is no need to do anything because your Java runtime will update ARIS Express automatically. If you are using Windows, you should uninstall ARIS Express or – better - just clear the Java WebStart cache. Download the installation file from here, execute it and you’re done.

So, here is my Christmas gift for you :-)

Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful new year 2013.

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