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Hi, dear community members,

high resolution displays became standard. Having a 4k display, these days, is not a reason to brag.

As a consequence: controls and text of your software are displayed as tiny little artifacts on your screen...

So what will you do? You will navigate to your system settings and increase the scaling to 125 or even 150%, and everything is fine again.

Well, almost.

Users noticed, that the installed ARIS rich client will be scaled properly... but the download client will not. Hmm.

So, actually the same version looks differently depending whether I installed it or used the download client.

On this screen, you can see the same version... ARIS 10. How beautiful ;-) but too small.

What is the reason? Well, this is the behavior of the Java runtime environment.

In Java 6, there was a possibility to decide whether a Java driven client application is dpi aware or not, which means, whether it will be scaled or not. This does not work anymore. Pity.

The installed application uses the JRE "in memory", thus it scales correctly.

It is quite easy to change the behavior.

Just navigate to the "javaw.exe" (and, to be sure, to "java.exe" as well) to the JRE you are using, and:

  1. Right click -> Properties 
  2. Go to Compatibility tab 
  3. Check Override high DPI scaling behavior. 
  4. Choose "System" for "Scaling performed by:" 

See this screenshot (sorry, only available in German):

Et voilá. Maybe, in future, this bug in the JRE will be fixed (or at least, insert a flag again, so I, me, myself am able to decide how my application should behave, thank you very much).

But as long as this is not the case, I hope you do know now how to make your download client do scaling again.