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Hi, dear community,

in case you notice problems starting ARIS Express caused by certificate problems, this is the consequence of the fact, that we revoked the corresponding certificates.

Software AG was facing a malware attack recently. Thus, for security reasons, we revoked the certificates. As a consequence, the checks for the certificate will fail and Express will not start.

  1. What versions are affected?
    Only the webstart version.
    The windows installable version can still be started and installed as well.
  2. Does that mean, that my data is lost?
    No. You just need the windows installation. Maybe using a windows image can help.
  3. When will be have an updated version of Express?
    We cannot give you a date right now.

Sorry, for any inconveniences. But in circumstences like that, you will understand that security is the upmost important issue.

Best regards,