I try to link documents that are on a network drive to an Aris object in a model, then publish the database and then being able to retrieve these documents from the Business Publisher.
My setup is as such:
 - Aris Server and Publisher are installed on a Linux platform (Ubuntu)
 - Aris Business Architect is installed on a Windows 7 machine.

For the moment, several tests have been run but without success (using 'Copy Document' in the publication profile and documents on a network drive accessible to anyone).
Looking to the logs, I find these kind of lines that would indicate a problem with the symbol '\' :
 1152921547556521160 - Illegal character in path at index 0: \\dat-let1.mycompany.local\frbar$\ARIS\Test.docx

DOes anyone know the conditions for the local documents to be accessible in such a setup?

Thanks in advance,

Tags: ARIS Business Publisher