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I use ARIS frequently for training and consulting missions and noticed that there are two modelling details in which Aris Express is not compliant with the BPMN specification:

1) The message flow must be dashed and not dotted. According to the specification:

With a dotted line in Aris Express. It is possible to change manually the dotted arrow into a dashed one in the properties, but this is not very convenient: 

2) The event subprocess has a dotted boundary, not a dashed one (like in Aris Express), both the expanded and collapsed event subprocess. According to the BPMN spec:

In Aris Express there are dashed lines:

I wonder if somebody else has reported this already, since especially the message flow is already used in basic process models, but I couldn't find another post on it. Is it possible to correct this, please? How fast can SAG correct these sort of errors?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Friederike Schröder-Pander

Tags: ARIS Express BPMN compliance