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The process flow of the ABC process has been depicted in ARIS and so is owned and housed in a particular track (department) “A”.

The process is also followed by various other tracks like Human Resources, Shared Services, Finance, Security etc.

A suitable mechanism in ARIS has to be developed wherein the process flow is non-modifiable while allowing certain attributes and details to be modified according to the track.

Thus suggested that a template of this process flow be created

The copies of the template will be available to all the other tracks to be copied into the place holder decided by them for the ABC process of their flavour. Wherein they would be able to modify aspects like FADs [Inputs/Outputs, RACI, Org unit etc..] and PIs of the process. Ensuring the process flow i.e. other tracks should not be able to modify functions

e.g. the template could be of the Change Management process. The temporary roles in the template could be Change initiator, Change Manager, Change Approver, Change estimator etc.. thus when the template is copied to a particular track or department, the roles of that department could be substituted such that a role like Site Shift Manager or Production Manager or Shift Superintendent or Shift Engineer could initiate a change and a role like Plant Manager could approve it or Engineer MPC could estimate it and the Project Manager MPC could approve the estimate.


However I am not sure how to go about it? Which type of copy of the template EPC to be created? Occurence or definitive or variant? Will locking an EPC help?

Can anyone help out!!! Help urgently needed please.

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