Hi ,

I am quite new to Process Live and have been using the trial version for couple of days.

I have few questions and would appreciate if some one could provide the required clarifications:

a. I am unable to create BPMN process model in my trial version. Could you please let me know if this is a limitation with the trial version and whether it is supported in the licensed version?

b. I created BPMN Collaboration models in ARIS Express 2.4 but could not import them in to ProcessLive. It says that the model imported, *.adf file, is not supported. Is it a limitation with trial version?

c. Also i am exploring to find the option to create a MS Word/pdf output of contents in the project room using standardized/customized report templates. I don't seem to find it. Could you please let  me know if this is supported.


Thanks and reagrds,