I am currently working on a team to develop an implementation plan for the Business Process Mapping Project at my company.  We have never had a comprehensive model for the company and its processes, and will be needing to work with many employees and supervisors to record the needed information and analyze it for potential improvements.  From a technical standpoint and a decision-making standpoint, everything is looking great.

One point that we had not considered was how to ensure people across our organization are willing to embrace this new management mindset.  While utilizing BPM makes absolute sense for the business as a whole,we are trying to ensure each department head understands the benefits to their organization, and that we can gain the support to universally implement the mapping project.

For anyone who has gone through the process of utilizing BPM and ARIS to record and improve their processes, could you please tell me some of the benefits your employees have experienced as a result of utilizing ARIS?  Do you have any examples of people who resisted the change but came around to see value in using ARIS?



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