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I am thinking of capturing in ARIS the relation between roles used in ARIS and the SAP transaction codes used by these roles. 

One thought is to make use of the existing information in Function Allocation Diagrams (FAD) where the activity is in the center with its allocated roles and screen objects. The screen objects in turn hold the SAP transaction codes.Then the roles can be pulled out in a report, showing what are the allowed transaction codes per roloe.

Perhaps also a matrix model could be used.


However, there is another dimension to the authorization of roles to transactions on the SAP side. You also have levels of authorization, like "read","write","delete",...


How can the information about authorizations for roles on transactionsbe captured? Has anyone of you out there been to this situation, and what were your thought about it then? I appreciate to hear your input on this topic.


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Harry Ratia 

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