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Is there a table available with the names and product codes for different ARIS licenses? We are currently using ARIS Design Server with ARIS Publisher, ARIS Architect and ARIS Designer clients. Our aim is to step over to ARIS Connect and thereby use the clients needed in that context.

I know for instance that the ARIS Design Server has the product code YDSTO, the ARIS Publisher server has the product code YPS, the ARIS Architect client has the product code YAA and so on. 

First, is the above information outdated and not valid anymore in today's license portfolio?

Second, if the information is still valid, is there a complete list or table where I can find the various license names and product codes? Or is this not public information? The information would help me in my planning for the step over from ARIS Design server installation to ARIS Connect server installation.


Thank you!

Harry Ratia


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