Hello everybody, thank you for reading this post, i am new with ARIS and i have an existing processes model hierarchy and i would like to have a list of all the level 3 processes exported to a excel table with some naming modification example :

   L1                L2               L3




If we suppose that this is a representation inside the hierarchy then the result needed would be and excel file containing one correspondent row to the L3 leaf and it should look like this

#   L3  I processes list

1    Process_Name1  -  Process_Name2  -  Process_Name3.1

2    Process_Name1  -  Process_Name2  -  Process_Name3.2

3    Process_Name1  -  Process_Name2  -  Process_Name3.2


Please excuse me if this is a very basic demand, and thanks in advance.




Tags: ARIS excel