ARIS Customer Survey 2023 - What drives your work with ARIS


We are more than interested in your feedback and would like to learn more about your ambitions, challenges and how you use ARIS. We want to improve continuously to help you become more successful.

We invite you to take part in our 2023 ARIS customer survey until the 15th of June.
This survey takes less than 15 minutes to be completed.


Take me to the survey now!


Win prizes: A total of 4 vouchers in the value of 20EUR each (redeemable at Amazon.com) will be drawn among all participants and gifted to the lucky ones - just insert your e-mail at the end of the questionnaire and cross your fingers :)

Anonymous: Our survey is entirely anonymous. Whether you insert your e-mail to participate in the prize draw or not, your answers can never be linked to you.


Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback!



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