Hi all,

I need to create copies of reports to create new revised versions of them.

Does anybody out there know how to create a copy of an Aris report script without losing any information?

So far, I've tried two different ways to copy reports:

1) Export report and import it again under a new name.
Due to the identifier, Aris recognises the report and overwrites the original one.

2) Create new report and copy script code into the new report.
- String table isn't copied
- Properties have to be copied manually field by field
- In case the original report was created in the wysiwyg-editor, the copy can only be edited in the script editor.

--> Possible workaround for the string table: To avoid losing the string table, I copied the original string table to excel and created a variable declaration for each string (e.g. var HEADERTEXT1 = "xyz"). Subsequently, I copied this table back into the script to define each string as a global variable.
I confess it's not pretty but, it works...

Does anybody have better solution how to create a copy of a report? Or is there a better way to handled versioning of reports?

Many thanks in advance!

Tags: ARIS Report Scripting arishack