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Looking to get back into the work force? Do you want flexible hours? Look no further!

Role: Process Modelling

Job title: To be negotiated

Hours: flexible, must be able to work a minimum of 24 hours per week [3 days]

Candidates must be:

  • re-entering the workforce after starting a family and/or have had a leave of absence.
  • degree qualified [e.g., commerce, engineering, HR, computing, operations, marketing]
  • seeking flexible hours
  • capable of multi-tasking
  • willing to work smart, be highly productive
  • able to come to the office, go to Client sites
  • committed to continual education & learning
  • are able to work in Australia

Success: to be successful you will:

  • understand process [business & technology process]
  • be comfortable with technology tools
  • have a genuine interest in data, data science, interoperability or the internet of things
  • have developed solid experience in a core discipline e.g., procurement, logistics, operations, HR, engineering, management, project management, program management, IT

Skills: we know that you’re unlikely to have the specific skills we need or will be unpractised, so we will train you.  Your core skills will include: MS Suite, MS Visio, MS Project, any Business Process Improvement / Orchestration software, Accounting, various web software.


Work:  the work is contract based and therefore duration is Client specific.  Our job is to optimise your utilisation over each twelve months, whilst making sure your skills are continually developed and polished and you get plenty of time with the family.


Selection: the selection process looks like: CV review, please complete our career development documents and answer all the questions thoroughly; selected candidates will be invited to a briefing session designed around you getting to know us and us getting to know you; selected offers will be made; those accepting the offer will be invited to attend training and induction.


Your next steps:  Send your CV to

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