Could someone help me with the following questions?

1 Can I configure template and where? Answered in comments
2 Can I configure filter and where? Answered in comments
3 Where do I modify the report templates? Can I? Answered in comments
4 Any possibility of creating user defined/custom attributes? Answered in comments
5 Can we import processes from processlive into agileapps or webmethods to automate and do we have any governance around that? Answered in comments
6 Where are the language settings? I believe processlive is available in English and German. Correct me. Answered in comments
7 How can I do Access control: to a project room, project and groups, models (?).? Answered in comments
8 Is it possible to do company specific branding (logo etc.) to the processlive webpages? Answered in comments
9 Is it possible to import the embedded pictures as well from ARIS 7.x imports? I tried and it just shows blue boxes.
10 Any plans for coming up with an ios/android app for process live?
11 Can I export the models (individual) only in graphic format? Any other export format available? Planned? Answered in comments
12 Cost for exporting a DB and in what format will it be available? .adb/html? Answered in comments
13 What is the size of the inbuilt document storage within the repository tab? Answered in comments
14 Can we have more than one project room? I used trial and got the option to create only one. If yes, under what circumstances would I need to have multiple project rooms?  Answered in comments
15 What is the impact of choosing either US or Europe as server location? Other than legal requirements. Answered in comments
16 Is there any mechanism to implement a release cycle management or is everything that gets modeled gets published automatically? 
17 I have created some user groups in the collaboration module but do not see those while trying to do user group association for a folder in documents section? Am I doing something wrong here?