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When I tried to install ARIS Connect Server 9.6 882262 in a remote server running CentOS 6.4, I was stopped at the 'Instalation scenario' step (see the figure below) soon after the installer checked the installed features at the remote server. The installer returned with the following message “Please first install ARIS agent on the remote server”.

I have installed the ARIS cloud agent and ARIS cloud controller as instructed by the installation guide, and I have checked that they are working fine prior to start ARIS remote installation from another computer ( a Windows PC) . I attach here the check result:

[root@new-host-2 Downloads]# service ArisCloudagent status
ARISCloudAgent is running
[root@new-host-2 Downloads]# acc
ACC+ >list
No node specified and no current node set.
ACC+ >

The two computers are in the same network and I have checked that both computer could ‘ping’ each other.

As everything seems to work well and I did not miss any step as prescribed by the installation guide, why the installer could not find the ARIS agent in the remote server? Perhaps you have the answer and are willing to share the solution in this forum.

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