Our customer wish to have all the regulation documents as a centralized data base of business process (BP) schemes. I mean there must be schemes (models) instead of word documents that regulate the customer business prosesses. And this BP schemes data base must be somehow managed (approval, changes and so on).

And now there is a choice: what software to use? Some of IBM Rational or ARIS?

I believe Rational products are better to use if one plans to implement all the RUP process including generation of code.

For centralized BP storeing and management it's better to use ARIS products.

The questions are:

1. Is that rihgt in your opinion?

2. What ARIS products to use for distributed system (the customer's organization is rather big )? 

The following is how I understand it (right or not?):

  • ARIS┬áBusiness Architect (or┬áBusiness Designer?) - for BP design
  • ARIS Business Server ┬á- the server component
  • ARIS┬áProcess Governance - to manage model approval procedures, check in/check out, changes etc.
  • ARIS┬áBusiness Publisher - to share information (the BP schemes) among the users by means of Web site.

ARIS experts, please help!






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