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True, CeBIT 2009 was not really crowded but every booth or hallway faced the danger of total break down when "Arnie" Schwarzenegger made his tour of CeBIT together with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. People running behind him and pushing others to get at least a glimpse of the "Terminator" showed he still is a superstar...

Cebit 2009

...and guess what: He visited the IDS Scheer booth and spent some time there to listen and understand what IDS Scheer is doing to improve companies' business performance. And he really seemed to love our BPM story! Of course a lot of people envied me a bit because he stood so close to me, just a few inches away. But, the true IDS Scheer hero was Joerg Klueckmann from our ARIS BLOGGER Team. He was the lucky guy to present BPM to Arnie and Angie! This was Monday and still 6 days to go till the end of the world's biggest IT fair.

Did we feel the impact of the economic crisis? Yes and no. Less people came to visit us but those customers, prospects, journalists and analysts who did decide to get in touch really took their time to better understand our broad BPM offering, designed to help companies to manage the crisis successfully. So I would say this time CeBIT was not about quantity but about quality and yes, we were lucky to have this additional meeting space next to our booth which was nearly almost occupied as people sought after in depth discussions and presentations.

If you could not make it to CeBIT, don't worry, the following link will lead you not only to wonderful Arnie photos but also to true content offered by IDS Scheer.