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While Additive strategies are clear, I have a problem understanding the Alternative strategy for resource allocation and how it related to the value of  Required Employees.

For example, a  simulation with two activities having the same processing time, requiring the same number of employees but with respectively Additive and Alternative strategy, produces exactly the same behavior in ARIS. The only way I can explain this so far, is that the value of Required Employees is ignored when the allocation is set to Alternative and always assumed as 1. However, there is no hint about that in the simulation documentation (Help and training materials).

If that is the case anyway, then how to simulate the following situation:

An activity should be started as long as one of the required resources is free but is of such a type, that a second resource, if available, can shorten the time it takes to complete a simulation folder. That means that the activity can takefor example 1 hour, if both are available, 2 hours if only one, and between 1 and 2, depending when the second would join, and of course more than two, if there is not even one available when the folder arrives.

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