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I need to know some basic steps to get ARIS PPM and understand what is the typical time frame it takes to install PPM. 

I would then need to understand a typical customization scenario and be able to do it myself. Please do let me know the crowdknowledge of this community. 



by Jiri Mares
Posted on Fri, 08/26/2016 - 12:14


the installation of PPM itself is typically not a problem if you are used to doing so - at least from technical point of view. But as the PPM is quite different product to other "normal" ARIS products (that´s probably why SAG has moved PPM under WebMethods family), every single implementation is without any doubt a project itself and customization from scratch in other words. If you would like to do it on your own as a one-man-show, you will be in charge of technical consultant for installation the PPM, then a BPM consultant to define/review process(es) to be monitored, a PPM expert to customize PPM, and some more roles 

What more you need to understand every new process to be monitored in PPM as a new project! With the first process you will have to solve more obstacles and issues and it will take significantly more time to customize it, set all data connectors and to go through all typically steps which I could briefly summarize as :


- do a hw sizing

- install PPM environment inc. data connectors

AND then for every single process e.g.:

1) define scope with business users

2) review the process to be monitored together with business owners and data owners, define which process steps are important, necessary and traceable for process performance management

3) find data in relevant IT systems for every particular precess step 

4) develop PPM customization (ETL processes over data, KPIs definition, Dimensions definition, ... )

5) develop interactive dashboards for end users (in MashZone) who will consume data



.- develop and schedule automated data extraction rules and workflow

- integrate PPM to enterprise environment (LDAP, SSO, ...)

.- set a user management and governance

 - train process analysts and end users to be familiar with PPM, ...

and many more.


How long do all these steps take?

I did many PPM projects and it could be from 4-6 weeks to more than 1 year :) 

There were some packages for SAP environment as a data soruce to speed up the implementation (SD, MM and HR package), but to be honest they are good only to impress customer in pre-sale phases, POC and pilots.  

It´s really hard to explain all about PPM in few lines. Feel free to contact me if you want..




by Rene van Bosch
Posted on Wed, 09/14/2016 - 08:16

In reply to by JiriMares

Hi Jiri

Is it possible to give me a project plan of your previous PPM implementation project to get a better understanding of actions that needs to take place to implement PPM. We are doing a pilot on two processes just to test it.



by Ankush Jain
Posted on Tue, 09/01/2020 - 07:01

In reply to by JiriMares

Hello Jiri,

Is it possible to share your approach and steps in deatils for setting up PPM for your project?

by Jiri Mares
Posted on Fri, 09/23/2016 - 22:01

Hi Rene,

sure I can share some best practices. But as I wrote there are every times specific steps in every single project. Especially at the start of a project according to client´s needs and previously defined scope and of course later when it comes to bringing all the customization to live usage together with setting up maintenance procedures and so on. I´ll have a look what is appropriate to share here in public and we will of course continue in our private conversation. 




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