First time caller, long time listener.

I was talking to an ARIS guru today (from Software AG!) and he was revealing to me all the capabilites and secrets ARIS have to offer. One particular one I was interested in was the ability to export all objects from a group (functions, tech terms, roles etc) onto an excel sheet with all associated attributes (ie. tech term has master as yes, so on). From that you can make an array of changes, adjusting names/associations/attributes, re upload the file and bada bing - objects updated.


I'm super interesting in replicating this, I've using the import excel function for a while now to do mass uploads. But the ability to make mass alterations is getting me going. I've tried my luck through the reports ("Output object information" was my no.1 hope), but I can't seem to get it right.

Does anyone have any idea on how this is done?