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I am building a custom report where I’m being asked to collect and report on two pieces of data:

ARIS Custom Report Image

  • Count of Occurrences: This comes from selecting an object in a model and viewing Properties > Occurrences. They want however many occurrences exist per object to be reported by a number (see table for example).

Question: I cannot find in the ARIS wizard where to do this.  If you do a Semantic Check Report, the statistics portion counts up instances, so I'm thinking this should be fairly easy, but don't know how to do it. I’m pretty certain it can be added to the report code using JavaScript, but not sure how to proceed with that. Is this possible? Do you, can you, provide me with instructions on how to do it or with the code snippet to put in my custom report?

  • Subordinate Assignments: This comes from Properties > Assignments. The same issue as just mentioned for Count of Occurrences applies here as well. Can you help me resolve this as well?

Here’s the snippet of the ARIS report I’m constructing if it helps you see what I’m trying to do:

ARIS Custom Report - Wizard Input

Thanks for any help given.

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