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We have some questions about of synchronize ARIS with Sap Solution Manager.

We already have designed all EPC models¬†¬†in ARIS, but now we needed to synchronize ARIS with¬†sap Solution Manager.¬†When¬†we were¬†synchronized solution manager with ARIS, in ARIS is created¬†structure models with¬†scenarios, process and process step, but¬†If you have created the EPC¬†models before ¬ŅWhat kind of¬†objects do you use in your EPC???¬†¬ŅHow¬†you¬†associate new object synchronized, from Solution Manager, to¬†EPC models¬†¬Ņwhat is the methodology? thereafter, ¬ŅHow¬†we transfered functions already created to Sap Solution Manager?

And last question, ¬ŅDo you have some guide¬†about report evaluation in ARIS 7.1??

Thanks for any answers.