Hello everyone,

As I'm just starting out with BPMN 2 for school, I hope someone here can help me with the following situation; A pizza place ordering proces where a customer can either order through phone, website or at the store.

When ordering through the website or phone, you can choose if you wan't the order delivered or pick it up at the store. When ordering through website or at the store, you pay upfront. Ordering through phone means you pay afterward at the store or with the deliverer.  

Reading the Bruce Silver book I think there are several actors: customer (black-box perhaps?), storemanager/cashier, delivery boy and the chef. I thought of using channel-dependent start, but within this situation I find it hard to figure out how I should do that.

I'm finding it difficult to figure this out (first time using BPMN). I really appreciate some help and/or tips/tricks.