I need any help you can provide me for a problem we are facing with datasource refreshing my MashApp !!

I have a MashApp app wich have 10 speedometers showing information about 10 KPI wich share the same datafeed from a SQL Server stored procedure ... Every speedometer invokes the data feed with different arguments. The datafeed´s cache time is set to 5 seconds and the connection pool is set to 40. 

Our problem is that the KPI's changes are not reflecting in the speedometers after 5 seconds and in fact they got locked up with the same information chached from 2-5 days ... So I need to edit and save the data feed in order to refresh the data from the datasource.

Is there a way to make the speedometer's data got refreshed automatically after every datasource's change?

Any help will be apprecciated.

Thank in advance.

Jorge Abarca.