I have a question on the concept of Process Level Hierarchy. In our company, the convention is this:

Level 1: Company Process Map

Level 2: Process Areas within the Process Group (VAC)

Level 3: High Level overview of Processes (VAC)

Level 4: Processes (VAC) / Activities (EPC)

(Level 4-n): Activities (EPC)

Level 5: Details (FAD)

Now, there is a request to Connect Level 2 directly to Level 4 EPC. Convention-wise, it's not allowed. But there is the argument that it's easier for the users to go directly to the process steps rather than "creating Process Level 3", less click.

I just want to know what your views on this and well, if it will be allowed, what would be the effect on the architecture and technically, application-wise.



Tags: ARIS Connect Business Process Management Enterprise Architecture EPC