Hi all ,

We recently updated to 9.8 SR 8 from 9.8 SR1 .

1) We are keen to use the new CXM modeltypes (rolledout from SR2). Although we are able to model ,save and view them in the designer in the backend, these models are not getting published in the publisher. The privileges are all okay.

We tried with 4 of the new models - customer journey map , customer touchpoint map, customer touchpoint allocation diagram , journey landscape none of them are being exported to the publisher. Have you faced a similar issue wherein specific modeltypes are not being published ? I am able to create another modeltype in the same folder and publish it. There is no filter restriction as well.

2) Can you please also explain what is the purpose of  'arisservice' and 'guest' users? just noticed that these became available in the UMC after the update.

Thanks in advance.