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I recently used Aris Express in a project, and in general the experience was very good.. have some ideas for improvements that I'd like to share. I answered the Aris Express survey, but I thought it might be interesting to discuss ideas here as well, and perhaps I have overlooked functionality that is already there?. Anyway, here is my wish-list:

  • BPMN support (I know it's coming)
  • Swimlanes. I understand this should come with BPMN as well (also for EPC diagrams, right?). For now, I've used the solution suggested in the forum - using large activity objects with a different color as swimlanes. One problem with that is that you have to use "group" functionality to attach role objects to the swimlane, but this is probably a bug?
  • Relative paths when linking models (so that you can easily distribute a set of models containing links)
  • User-defines properties
  • Auto-numbering of objects (some people want this  as a way to refer to model objects from external documents)
  • Improved auto layout/alignment capabilities. Especially, the "center" functionality would be easier to use if you could center all selected objects with respect to the one selected first - some other tools have this. Also, the auto routing of connections should be improved.
  • Easier way to indicate that an activity is linked to a "sub process". I usually show the link attribute and resize, so that only the icon is visible, but I would like a simpler way to do this.
  • The fragment functionality is a great idea, but how can I reuse my fragments across models?

I understand that I can't expect to get everything in a free tool though :-).




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