My Process Designers, using ARIS Connect Designer, cannot apply font formatting, such as Bold, font color, or font size; to Free Text that they place on their models.  I can do it no problem; the difference is that I have full Admin rights to everything, but they only have "edit" rights.  (Or to be more exact, what I assume are the needed rights to edit; since I haven't been able to find any clear documentation on exactly what is required.)

I have given rwd- ("EDIT?") permissions in the database folders (aka "groups"); the users have Connect Designer license privilege; and I also granted "method change" function privilege (only available through Architect, not available in Connect Admin) because I was told that was needed (even though the name sounds dangerous).  I have not granted any additional Function Privileges through Connect User Admin because none of them sound relevant; based on the limited description that is available.

Screen shot is here, but I don't know how to make it show in this post: /system/files/files/Aris-TextFonting(1).JPG

What additional permissions are required, to allow Designers to change font formats?

thanks in advance