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Hi everyone !

I've made some research to figure out how to create a Dialog for reports. I found a tutorial on the ariscommunity website from Volker Eckardt.

However, some details are still unclear to me and I'll appreciate some help.

The part I didn't understand was the following : 

function userdlg ()
  // Variable for the user dialog definition
  var userdialog = Dialogs.createNewDialogTemplate(0, 0, 440, 100, sScriptName);

  // define the layout
  userdialog.Text(60, 40, 400, 15, getString("DLG_MAIN_MESSAGE"));
  userdialog.CheckBox(60,60, 250, 15, getString("DLG_SHOW_NOT_MAINTAINED_ATTRIBUTES"), "DLG_SHOW_NOT_MAINTAINED_ATTR");
  userdialog.CheckBox(60,80, 300, 15, getString("DLG_USE_FIXED_OUTPUT_FILENAME"), "DLG_USE_FIXED_OUTPUT_FILENAME");
  userdialog.Text(60, 150, 400, 15, getString("DLG_HINT_OUTPUT_FONT_SIZE"));
  userdialog.ComboBox(60,170, 150, 15, aOutputFontSizeList, "DLG_OUTPUT_FONT_SIZE");


Now my misunderstanding goes as follows.


For example : 

  userdialog.Text(60, 40, 400, 15, getString("DLG_MAIN_MESSAGE"));

If I got this right, the underlined line should get a string that is stored under the name "DLG_MAIN_MESSAGE". So for example , getString("DLG_MAIN_MESSAGE"  will return a string such as "please , select one or more options"  or something like that and will display it in the dialog.

If so, then my main question is, where is the string "please , select one or more options"  stored under the string "DLG_MAIN_MESSAGE" ? 

The same goes for all the other lines.

I uploaded the full code (from the tutorial I found).

I will really appreciate some help on this.


Thank you !

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