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I Love SOAI am at the Gartner SOA Summit in Tokyo in the Session held by Mr. Phifer from Gartner. He is talking about the application platform trends of the next years. Here is his message in a few sentences: Good times in economy are over for a while. IT budgets are being cut. Focus is on cost savings. Cloud computing and virtualization should help to lower the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and that's about it for the trend of the next years.


Mr Phifer spoke about well-known application platforms providers like SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. But he also introduced new platform vendors like Amazon, Google and Salesforce which are actually known for other products. They offer cloud-based application platforms which already provide the platform approach of the future. Also the big vendors like IBM, Oracle and SAP are moving towards cloud computing to provide cloud-based application platforms to their customers.


Oracle is moving in the cloud forward with their middleware stack. Oracle Fusion Middleware is a pluggable platform which also allows to integrate non-Oracle applications. If you use BEA components you should better check if they will be integrated into the Fusion middleware stack. If not they are probably close to their end of life.

SAP has an enormous number of applications running on their SAP NetWeaver Platform. SAP is also moving aggressively in the cloud. Business by Design is already SaaS (software as a service). Some of the readers of this post might know that SAP used ARIS to model the processes supported by Business by Design.

Mr. Phifer pointed out that the Microsoft .net Framework is better scalable than its image suggests. Mostly small companies are using .net right now, but over time this will change. Bigger companies will move onto the .net platform. Sharepoint is already available via the cloud.

IBM has many products to choose from. They have 2 or 3products for everything ;-) Their blue cloud offerings are also cloud based applications.

Amazon offers an application platform as a service. They offer a huge variety of services offered by the cloud. This product is not well known yet but if they will follow this path, their product will be very successful in the next years.

Salesforce also provides an application platform as a service model. They call it You can run the CRM application on it but also other applications from other vendors.

Google app engine is an application engine as a service. We will see an interesting development in the next years in this field, as well.

Mr. Phifer pointed out that Google, Amazon and Salesforce will have a huge potential to grow with their cloud-based model in the next years. With the growth of the SOA approach they will become important players. The big players should better have an eye on them.

Here my short summary on the event: The Gartner SOA Summit in Tokyo is an excellent event with interesting presentations. I guess some 700 people found their way to the conference center. The networking is a bit challenging because of the language barrier. My presentation on Business-Driven Service Management went also very well. After the session I had several talks with visitors. The Business-Driven SOA approach really attracted many visitors. They all agree that in the discussions around SOA, the business is not getting enough attention although the business is the customer of SOA.

Now it’s late in the evening and I guess I deserve some sushi.